Our Director

A Math Tutor Educated in Higher Mathematics

Talmage Adams is a lifetime student of mathematics.  From an early age he showed a fascination with the world of numbers. Throughout public school he was an avid student, participating in national and international math competitions.  He has earned a Bachelor's Degree (B.Sc.) from the University of Toronto, where he completed a Specialist Degree in Pure Mathematics, studying a wide variety of fields.  He then earned a Master's Degree (M.Sc.) from the University of Toronto, with particular attention to the field of Logic and Set Theory.

An Experienced Math Lecturer and Math Tutor in Toronto

Parallel to his studies, Talmage has had an extensive teaching career as a private math tutor as well as a university math tutor and lecturer. In public school, he often assisted other students with their work in math and sciences, and started tutoring formally at an early stage in his academic career.  At the University of Toronto, he sharpened his skills at communicating mathematical ideas orally, in both group projects and study groups, as well as participating in conferences on advanced mathematics and conducting seminars on his research.

Perhaps most saliently, he was granted many teaching assistantships during his graduate studies in Toronto, and over the course of several years, has conducted regular lectures and tutorials throughout the duration of more than a dozen undergraduate and postgraduate credit math courses at several campuses of the University of Toronto.  For these classes, he was also responsible for directing frequent supplementary math tutoring sessions at the university, as an individual math tutor available for students with questions or difficulties. During his studies he also independently conducted private tutoring lessons in many courses on a variety of math subjects as an independent math tutor for both high school and university math students throughout Toronto.

In the realm of writing, he has edited professors' exams, authored tests and produced study guides for credit courses.  His extensive marking duties have also fomented his understanding of the learning process in mathematics.  Not least of all, he has had thegreat opportunity of editing and contributing to a book on advanced logic written by his graduate studies adviser, a senior tenured professor of mathematics at the University of Toronto.

A Full Time Math Tutor:Dedicated to Math Tutoring Excellence in Toronto

For several years, Talmage has directed his own private math tutor service in Toronto, providing custom individual math tutoring for a wide variety of courses in various math fields and math-related subjects, at all levels from primary and middle school math to high school math, and from college and university math to graduate-level math and professional studies, for students in various programmes or independent study throughout the Toronto area.  As anindividual math tutor, he is able to help students build a firm understanding of their area of study, with focused math tutoring lessons specifically geared to their unique needs, from their current level of comprehension in math to whatever level they wish to attain.  His appreciation for the unity of math allows him to be an enthusiastic math tutor at any level and in any field.

A Passionate and Caring Math Tutor

Talmage has a curious mind and is interested in a wide variety of academic fields, but has a special affinity to all things mathematical.  He loves to teach, and devotes himself not only to the study of the field, but to passing on his knowledge of this wonderful discipline.  His lecturing, tutoring and writing are all expressions of his passion for communicating powerful and beautiful ideas clearly and simply.

As a math tutor, he works well with students of all ages and cultures,taking every opportunity to communicate the power, the beauty and the fun of mathematics to anyone who wishes to learn.  His students invariably find him to be a kind and patient teacher, and are at ease with him no matter what their level of study.