College Level Student Reviews

I acquired Talmage Adams' help in order to write two separate Math entrance exams for Business school.  I had already completed the required course in High School ten years before, but with a lousy mark.  I decided to challenge myself by relearning the material in order to get a good mark on the exam and rewrite the history of my poor High School performance.

I had had a couple tutors in my final years of High School, but found them to be remote and dispassionate.  Talmage from the beginning brought passion and enthusiasm to a subject for which I felt very little interest. He explained the reasons behind rules, not just the rules themselves.  This made the process feel less like jumping through hoops and more like a world of ideas and reason.  This helped make it less boring and more stimulating.  Talmage provided motivation and a goal: he told me I could ace the exams.  He really showed faith in me and made me strive for excellence, not just mediocrity.

Though exact exam marks were never released, I feel like I did pretty close to acing the exams; and I accomplished my goals by receiving entrance into all four of the programs that I applied to.  I will be entering business school in September, and will be continuing my studies with Talmage next year for my Business Math classes.  My experience was a resounding success!



At the age of 25 I decided to take a postgraduate program at Humber College for Project Management.  As part of the admissions process for the program, I was required to take a math evaluation.  Having not studied math in practically any way, shape or form since high school about 6 or 7 years ago, this seemed like a very daunting task.  I was never strong in math to begin with, and the fact that my already limited skills had now become rusty didn't exactly give me all the confidence in the world.  The sample test the school provided me was very broad, containing everything from simple equations to fractions to algebra to angles to word problems.  Having not practiced any of these types of problems in some time, I knew I would need some extra assistance in order to do well on the evaluation.

Having time for just a few short sessions before I was set to write the test, Talmage was able to explain and run through the numerous types of problems with me, covering everything while making sure to give specific attention to each different type of question.  There were many different rules and methods to each question, but Talmage was able to explain the process for each effectively and practically, allowing me to understand each problem individually, while teaching quickly and efficiently enough in order to allow us to get through the many types of very diverse questions listed on the sample test.  He was even able to provide me with sample questions to continue my practice after our meetings.  After a couple of sessions with Talmage, and taking time to meticulously review all the notes and problems we covered, 
I was able to do exceptionally well on the evaluation and gain acceptance into the program.

I couldn't have done this without Talmage's assistance and tutoring.  Thanks a lot for the help and guidance!