Professional and Financial Student Reviews

As a tutor, I wanted to upgrade my professional skills to teach math beyond mere rules and formulas to a deeper level of understanding.  Talmage has taught me how to teach students the graphing of linear relations, the equation of a line in standard, slope-y-intercept, and point-slope form; quadratic functions, the equation of a quadratic in standard, vertex, and factored form, graphing parabolas; functions, domain and range; number sets including naturals, integers, rationals and reals; greatest common factor, least common multiple, and prime factorization.

As a pensioner, I also wanted to learn about financial investment to make wiser decisions about my portfolio.  I retained Talmage's services to learn the financial concepts and financial applications involved in Value Investing.  Talmage has taught me earnings per share, price/earnings ratio, dividend yield, dividend payout ratio, shareholders' equity, debt/equity ratio, return on equity, profit margins, earnings growth, book value, market capitalization, goodwill, intangible asset, dilution, capital structure, bond yield, and interest rates.

I have found Talmage to be a conscientious, flexible and open-minded tutor.  He always comes prepared with specific lessons and educational materials.  Talmage is flexible enough to adapt his teaching approach to different learning styles.  In my case, Talmage uses a more simple language, slows his teaching pace, and uses graphs to accommodate my more visual learning style.  He makes sure that I understand abstract math concepts by first presenting the materials in an accessible way using simple, relevant, everyday examples.  Talmage always encourages me to be an active student, solving math problems and answering his qustions.  I have found Talmage to be friendly yet serious about his commitment to my education and professional development.  
Because of Talmage I was able to develop my own portfolio.  I am also better able to teach math to my students at a deeper level of understanding.



I strongly recommend Talmage Adams as a superior math tutor. Finding and hiring Talmage was a key step in my quest for an M.B.A. I was accepted at an elite M.B.A programme in the U.S.A. and matriculation was conditional for every student on having completed a university level calculus course. Having only grade 10 math I was required to cover basic high school math and then move to calculus and complete the course in only six short weeks! I needed a first class tutor to help me achieve this goal. Talmage patiently and logically helped me understand the "big picture" math. He diligently worked with me on problems so that I could do all the assignments and prepared me well for all the tests. When it looked like the hill was just too steep he pushed me up to the top. I ended up with a "B" which meant that I scored over 70% on the final exam and the professor commented on the high quality of my work. I am confident that instruction from Talmage was instrumental to my success. Not only did I achieve my goal, I feel very very well prepared for the academic program at a top business school!

-Chris McGirr