University Level Student Reviews

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in regards to the tutorial service I have received from Mr T Adams concerning my 4th year Real Analysis course during the 2009-2010 academic year at York University.  Firstly, I would like to mention that this course contained subject materials from Topology and Measure Theory, both of which are taught in graduate school.  As I was finding Real Analysis increasingly difficult, I requested Mr Adams for assistance regarding this course.

Throughout our weekly meetings, Mr. Adams was professional in preparing the course material before hand and dealt with the questions I asked him with confidence and understanding.  Consequently, my understanding of the subject increased as well, which was illustrated by my final grade of 82%.

In fact, this was one of the best grades in the class and it was only after I sought Mr T Adams, that my cumulative average went up in this rather advanced theoretical course as sub-topics like Measure Theory were getting quite overwhelming with their abstract nature.  Given the level of difficulty of this course and the fact that the course material was in French, 
this was by far the most impressive grade on my university transcript and with it, I am confident that my application to graduate school for MSc Finance at the London School of Economics will be strong as the very best schools require a very strong grade in Real Analysis.

Therefore, I would like to thank Mr T Adams for his assistance and patience in this vital course.  Finally, based on my experience, I would highly recommend that any serious undergraduate mathematics student who wishes to achieve high marks contact Mr T Adams.  Good luck!



Talmage Adams was my first year Calculus TA at the University of Toronto in 2007-2008.  I took calculus as a requirement for one of my programs - the chemistry specialist stream.  The courses, MATA30 and MATA36, covered differential and integral calculus.

His tutorials and quizzes challenged our abilities as students, and I found his teaching methods very helpful.  He would stay behind after class, reply to emails, and hold office hours to clarify points we had not completely understood.  Even when he was no longer my TA, he helped me through questions I had difficulty with.  The major concepts were explained to us before an exam, as a summary, and I had found this beneficial to studying for an exam.

Thank you Talmage!



My son is in his 3rd year at University of Western.  This semester he had to take a credit in 1st year Statistics and 1st year Finite Mathematics.  Towards the end of the semester just before exams he decided that he really would need some help in order to be able to pass these 2 credits.  We started to look for a tutor who would cover these 2 topics at university level.  We looked up in London and in Toronto and finally made the decision to hire Talmage, who we thought was the best choice.  We had very little time and an overwhelming amount that needed to be covered in just 4 days.  Talmage made and extra effort to be available for our son, considering our situation.  He was very good at explaining, so they could move on fast.  They worked well as a team and our son did pass both exams.  This was a last minute crash course situation, and the outcome achieved was the best which could be expected in such a scenario.  We highly recommend Talmage, not only for his commitment to make his students succeed but also for his great personality and knowledge.

-Cristina and Tom


I was in MAT137 this year at the University of Toronto.  It's a first year calculus course and is notorious for being one of the toughest first year calculus courses in Canada.  In high school I took AP Calculus with a good degree of success so I walked into this course with confidence that I would do well.

The course was much more difficult than I believed.  My over-confidence was partly to blame for the fact that I did poorly on the tests and problem sets.  By the end of the third and final test I was barely passing and was anxious about the impending exam.  I was doing fine in the rest of my courses but I finally decided to swallow my pride and seek academic help in calculus.

I found Talmage by quickly searching online for a math tutor in the Toronto area.  I was most impressed by his quick response time and very flexible schedule.  We were able to meet for a session almost right away.

The main things that shook my confidence about MAT137 were the proofs.  Never in high school was I required to communicate such a formal understanding of mathematical theorems; intuition and regurgitation was sufficient.  Proving theorems was not something that you can fully learn from a textbook; having Talmage to explain the intuition and to help formulate strategies for proofs was invaluable.

Talmage really went above and beyond my expectations.  The problems we worked through turned into invaluable study aids and he was always quick to answer my messages on his own time.  It was great to be able to ask questions without feeling like I'm holding up a 100 student class or 50 student tutorial.  He seemed very interested in my success and continued to check in even after the final was over.

By the end of our last session we were working through complex questions and proofs and I felt confident for the exam the next day.  When I finally wrote it, it was easy!  All of the practice had paid off, I was able to answer every question for the first time in the course and I even had time to check my work at the end!

I walked into the exam with about a 52% in the course.  I checked my course grade today . . . 72%!  This suggests that my exam grade was 85%, far better than I had hoped!

Being a Computer Science specialist this course is required for my degree.  It's not the type of course I would enjoy taking again, and I'm glad I don't have to.  My exam mark is certainly proof that a good grade is possible in MAT137, though it does require hard work throughout the year.  My only real regret is not getting in touch with Talmage in September; he would have been an excellent resource for the first test!



To whom it may concern,

It was during my final year (2011-2012) at York University that I requested the help of Talmage Adams to complete Linear Algebra I and Calculus of Several Variables with Applicatoins; two important foundation courses for economics majors.

At all times, Mr Adams efficiently explained the concepts which I was unable to understand.  I would later find myself applying these concepts with ease while preparing for exams.  Luckily, Mr Adams always made himself available even on short notice.

Regarding Calculus:  the teaching pace was quite hard to follow and the material challenging.  Mr Adams was helpful in clarifying these concepts which I was unable to grasp.  
I acquired the necessary skills and completed the course with a 77% overall with a 96% during the winter semester.

Regarding Linear Algebra I:  the tests we were given were straightforward.  The professor was looking for very specific answers which required attention to minor details.  Hence it was as easy to succeed and as easy to fail the exam.  Mr Adams helped me in developing skills complimentary to those taught in class and skills not explained in the textbook.  I was able to reach the final answer in an efficient manner.  
I completed the course with an average of 82% and a final exam grade of 88%.

As mentioned earlier, these two courses are important foundation courses for economics majors.  
During the summer 2012, I received 86% in Advanced Macroeconomics as my final grade, which was the highest grade of the class.  I just received my mid-term grade in Advanced Microeconomics.  To my great surprise, it was a 90%, which again was the highest grade of the class.  Without a successful completion of Linear Algebra and Calculus of Several Variables with Applications, I would not have had the necessary baggage to attend these courses.

Mr T. Adams is dedicated and committed and it is with great pleasure that I recommend him to those seeking academic growth.



Over the past  2 year, I have had the privilege of having Talmage as my math tutor.  I had difficulty grasping theoretical math courses such as Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra and Linear Algebra which were required courses necessary to complete my math major. Talmage, with much diligence and patience, succeeded in explaining the various topics. He has a vast knowledge and can answer any question regardless of its complexity. For my final math course, we were required to compile a few essays on the application of theoretical math, interesting proofs we had come across throughout the program and an overview of different mathematical fields. Due to  Talmage's wealth of knowledge my essays were exceptional and my professor was impressed with the content. I would definitely recommend Talmage. Thanks to him my marks have exceeded my expectations and I have received an A in every course that he has assisted me.

-Rachel D.


I used Cardinal Tutoring in preparation for the final exam in a second year, multivariable calculus course. As a life sciences student I found this course particularly challenging, however I did not realize this fact in time and I approached Talmage the night before the exam at approximately 1am. Despite the hour, he provided me with excellent solutions to key problems which allowed me to not only pass the final but improve my overall grade in the course from a B- to an A-. In my previous calculus courses I was unable to break a C+ grade but with Talmage's help I've been able to exceed my own expectations. My improvement in this course has helped me overcome my aversion to mathematics and I am excited or at least not afraid to use math in my academic future. THANKS!

-Taro Yamashita


I'm a Mathematics major 4th year student in University of Toronto, and I got help from Talmage on MAT334H1, which is complex analysis. MAT334H1 is mandatory course for Mathematics major and there is no tutorial or any assignment, so you have to study your own, but my professor was not clear about the materials. I'm sure it was not just for me, because the average for two mid terms were both lower than 50%, so he had to do bell curve. Just like my classmates, I did pretty bad on both of mid terms (just average on my class) and I desperately needed help for final exam, and that's when I found website of Talmage. When I talked to him, he told me that this was not usual course that he usually taught, but he prepared a lot, and I asked for him to teach everything in one day, and he helped me to understand all of materials in one day. As a result, I got almost 80% in final exam, and I'm sure if I had more time to prepare after he taught me, then I would have better marks. I really appreciated for his help, and now I'm contacting him often for advice or future courses, higher MAT courses. If I have to grade the satisfaction of his help, I glad to give him 10/10.

-MeenWoo Seo


To all those wanting excellent math tutoring,


I was in my first year university program when I realized my grade school and high school education in

math was not going to provide me with the necessary background I needed to pass the required math

courses. Professor Talmage Adams immediately provided his expertise in explaining so clearly and

helping me work through the concepts that I was able to understand and successfully pass Calculus II.

This course included integration techniques, L’Hôpital rule, Improper integrals, partial derivatives and

infinite sequences and series, as well as first order differential equations and application. I took this

course in a compressed 6 week session in the spring and despite the enormous workload Professor

Adams provided the knowledge and proficiency to fine tune this course and as a result I successfully



In my second year, Professor Adams helped me with Differential Equations during the first semester.

The general course load, during this semester, was demanding and therefore, having Professor Adams

apply his skillfulness and instruction to help me focus in on what was needed to comprehend the

material was invaluable. His ability to explain the material so clearly was unprecedented. Following my

success in this course once again in the 6 week spring session Professor Adams helped me with

Statistics. I found the concepts in Statistics particularly challenging and Professor Adams’s ability to

construct examples that were easier to grasp helped me apply them to the problem. Though the rate at

which the material moved along was tremendous, Professor Adams was able to showcase the bigger

picture so that the individual tasks did not become overwhelming.


Moreover, Professor Adams provided me with a learning environment that included his keen awareness

of my abilities and weakness followed by the support and know-how I required to succeed. Additionally,

he offered a willingness to be available when I needed him. I will definitely be seeking his tutoring in my

future math courses. There is no doubt in my mind without Professor Adams tutoring abilities I would

not have been as successful in these math courses so far.